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  • Mensa 1000pcs Jigsaw Jigsaw (TKC_874030-06P)
  • Mensa 3D Noughts & Crosses (TKC_874029-06P)
  • Mensa A Dozen Mensa Puzzles (TKC_874052-06P)
  • Mensa Diamond in the Rough (TKC_874049-069)
  • Mensa Ice Cube Challenge (TKC_874051-12P)
  • Mensa Needle in a Haystack (TKC_874050-06P)

    Mensa Needle in a Haystack

    £12.99 £11.99
  • Mensa Original Box Cube (TKC_874040-24P)
  • Mensa Pocket Puzzles Metal (TKC_874028-24P)
  • Mensa Professor Pinkertons Puzzle Cube (TKC_874043-24P)
  • Mensa Six of the Best Puzzles
  • Mensa Sudoku Cube
  • Mensa The Absolutely Authentic Mensa Test (TKC_874036-12P)
  • Mensa Worlds Smallest Jigsaw (TKC_874035-12P)

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